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Fractal Dreamscene Pack

29 Pieces Creative, Unique, Seamless Loop, Fractal Video Art


1920x1080 Full HD Dreamscene : Directly compatible with Windows Dreamscene, 3dfiction Video Screensaver and Stardock Deskscapes

640x960 iPhone Video Wallpaper : Directly compatible with vWallpaper application

480x800 Android Video Wallpaper : Directly compatible with Live Video Wallpaper application

and all Image Backgrounds.

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Personal use only. Please contact for Video Art Projects.

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Serdar Camlica

About 3dfiction

Established in : 2002

Established by : Serdar Camlica

Studio Address : Nevzad Ayasbeyoglu Sok. Ata Apt. No:10/1

Erenkoy 34738 Istanbul Turkey

Phone (Gsm) : (+90) 532 598 5355

E-Mail : info@3dfiction.com

3dfiction.com was established in 2002 by Serdar Camlica, to bring together digital art, video art and music pieces, and art lovers in cyberspace. 3dfiction, by owning it's own aesthetic and design theories in the genre of Gothic to Psychedelic, Surreal to Experimental, creates its style with the combination of shadow and light that give the opportunity to its followers to use their imagination. 3dfiction artworks are created in digital space but has psychological, social, cultural, natural and imaginative expressions. At this point, the best advantage of digital space for the artist and art lovers is that it is independent from cultural and geographic boundaries. Although 3dfiction artworks, designs and digital codes are created by Serdar Camlica, 3dfiction means much more than the portfolio of an artist and stands alone as the interaction between art lovers and the artist, independent from an individual.


2006 - The DigiFestival - Florence / Italy - Animation of the Year with "Awaken - The Mind Travel"

2004 - The 11th Internet International Art / Photo Contest - Tokyo / Japan - Fine A!! with "Atlantis"

2003 - International Digital Art Awards - Melbourne / Australia - Selected Digital Artworks of the Year

with "Rising" and "The Doors"


2003 - 3D Intelligences & Electric Piano Improvisations - KargArt - Istanbul / Turkey

Festival Screenings

2011 - Independent Film Festival (IF) of Istanbul / Turkey

2006 - The DigiFestival - The Final Event - Florence / Italy


2006 - Electric Paint - Woodson Art Museum - Wausau / WI / United States

2003 - International Digital Art Awards - Melbourne / Australia

Friends Links

joseangelnavarro.com / The Guitar Virtuoso

batuhanyuce.com / Painting Artist

ahmetertug.com / Fine Art Photographer

estet.net / Prof. Dr. Sidika Kurul

dark.pozadia.org / Gothic Wallpaper Collector

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